Mozart & Salieri

 Nominated for two Jessie Richardson Awards in 2015: Outstanding Production Musical and Outstanding Costume Design (for the amazing Ines Ortner!)

Although Mozart & Salieri is not currently showing, we have plans to tour the show. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

For those who missed it, here are some photos from the show and reviews of the run (video is coming soon):

“Deorksen and Newham have generated an entirely original show”
“We are bathed in music. Mozart minces child-like, mischievous, rendering his character more like a circus performer than an actor, playing both violin and piano. Mozart hardly speaks. He is an icon, a symbol of genius. In a different stratosphere.”
” we are transported into a dignified and playful wonderland. The sophistication of the playing by both the female version of Mozart (Masae Day) and The Player (Cate Richardson) is such that we barely notice that this is a production that doesn’t need a set.”
“I left delighted.”
-Paul Durras, Vancouver Plays: click here for full review

“Vancouver’s Seven Tyrants Theatre group is without doubt the new champion storyteller of this tale.”
“In the hands of Messrs. Newham and Deorksen […] the story of these two music men is whimsical, imaginatively rich, and short. They do better in 75 minutes what [Peter] Shaffer’s celluloid version required some three hours to view.”
“Any criticism of this wonderful piece of theatre would be to pick at very small nits indeed. I shan’t bother. I can only exult at its creative imagination.”
“This is intimate small theatre entertainment of the most creative and exciting kind.”
“this is must see! entertainment.”
“A more engaging night of sheer originality and punch and fun I can’t quite imagine..”
-Baird Blackstone, BrokenLegReviews: click here for full review

“Cate Richardson as The Player, Masae Day as Mozart and David Whiteley as Salieri had the considerable talents and abilities that this production demands. Day’s performance balanced musical talent with just enough rakishness to delight us with Mozart’s whimsical nuttiness. Whiteley garnered our sympathy in a convincing portrayal of a Salieri tortured by self-doubt, who curses creation for making him a Judas in his relationship with Mozart. Cate Richardson sparkled as The Player, narrating, setting the scenes with music and song, and occasionally joining Mozart and Salieri in playful, satirical parodies of music and mood.”
“All three performances held up, and held each other up in this unique presentation.”
“The effective use of bold lighting, imaginative and versatile costumes, creative choices in music, lyrics and choreography, and versatile musical and acting talent definitely worked, in this instance, to give the audience a thought-provoking and delightful evening.”
“The risks that Newham and Deorksen took in this production have definitely paid off. I, for one, look forward to seeing more of their creative endeavors.”

Mozart & Salieri
Created by Daniel Deorksen and David Newham

Adapted by David Newham from Alexander Pushkin’s classic play
Musical score by Daniel Deorksen inspired by the works of Wolfgang Mozart and Antonio Salieri
Choreography by Catherine Burnett
Based on the classic play by Alexander Pushkin, translated by Genia Gurarie

Starring Masae Day as Mozart, Cate Richardson as The Player, and David Whiteley as Salieri

Director – David Newham
Music Director – Daniel Deorksen
Assistant Musical Director – Phyllis Ho
Choreographer – Catherine Burnett
Costume Designer – Ines Ortner
Lighting Design – David Newham
Stage Manager – Susan Currie
1st Assistant Stage Manager – Kayla Deorksen
2nd Assistant Stage Manager – Sandra Yee
Seamstress – Joanne Raymont
Publicist – Marnie Wilson


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