A Steady Rain – Review Highlights

Heading in to our closing weekend of “A Steady Rain” by Keith Huff, we want to highlight some of the great reviews that our production has received. Buy your tickets online before the show closes!

Here is a sample of what is being said:

Vancouver Presents:
Review by Mark Robins
“Keith Huff’s tightly wound and intriguing script, and two absolutely terrific performances from Daniel Deorksen and David Newham

“Their long-time collaboration has obviously served them well, translating wonderfully onto the stage… Physically, Deorksen and Newham would be clichés if they weren’t so good together. Under the direction of Bill Devine, they not only find the real connection between the two cops, but where this production really shines comes from the seamless ease to what can be tricky transitions between storyteller and participant.

“What makes their performances so powerful though is an ebb and flow to the often-times large emotions”

“visible stage left is Kurt Schindelka, replacing his saxophone with a piano to provide a live musical soundtrack. There is a pulp fiction detective vibe to the music, at times feeling somewhat anachronistic to this contemporary story. But like most good soundtracks, it works best as it fades into the background to underscore the action.”

“It took Deorksen and Newham ten years to find the right vehicle to come together on stage. It was worth the wait.

Vancouver Weekly:
Review by Stephanie Wood
“the intense two-character play, A Steady Rain, proved it is remarkably well-suited to the intimate, dim theatre on the top floor of the Penthouse
“Daniel Deorksen emitted a quiet, suppressed energy as Joey. He stared out wide-eyed and alert at the audience, only softening when he described his relationship with Denny’s family. This was directly contrasted by David Newham’s portrayal as Denny, who is loud and crude, with his own ideas of justice he is willing to defend to a fault. But as Denny becomes more unstable, Newham was also able to convincingly convey a new vulnerability in the character.”

“The two actors give gritty, authentic performances with enough momentum to feel like the play flies by. While Deorksen was tightly wound and would fold into his body, Newham demanded space. Yet, Deorksen and Newham created a deep sense of history between their characters, a years-long friendship the audience could easily envision. They embodied the competing personalities of Joey and Denny while still having the audience believe in their friendship. ”
An excellent showcase of homegrown-talent, this modern-day classic retelling in an iconic Vancouver venue is not to be missed.

Two Cents & Two Pence:
Review by Liz Gloucester
A figurative smack in the face. Easy to watch, hard-hitting drama with exceptional production value and a striking score. I’d be scraping the barrel to find anything negative about it.”

Kurt Schindelka has crafted an exceptional spectrum of filmic underscore

“Deorksen..is discerning and still, carefully choosing moments to pluck one hand up or take a meticulous step. An early scene shows the pair enjoying dinner with Denny’s wife Connie and a prostitute named Rhonda, invited for the purpose of serving as an unwanted blind-date for Joey. Denny is so keen for Joey and Rhonda to hit it off he is oblivious to the tension building at the table. Deorksen’s awkward interaction with the air is exquisite and hilarious.

“Newham’s character Denny presents him with the opportunity to show a tough guy ‘getting emotional’. It is brutal to watch – I felt the pain emanating from his eyes. The volatility of Newham’s performance throughout is quite marvellous; he never wavers from his character and explores an array of meteoric behaviours.

Two Cents & Two Pence:
Review by Emma Rossland
Seven Tyrants Theatre’s production of “A Steady Rain” was a truly unique experience. The two actors put on an amazing performance, that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, and I can hardly think of one fault.”

everything about this play is simple but powerful: staging, set, lighting, sound… all of it.”

Kurt Schindelka’s piano accentuates the scenes and monologues beautifully as it weaves in and out of the story for dramatic effect. The sound of a steady rain throughout the story (something Vancouverites can relate to) is a motif that adds a certain feeling of growing tension that builds and builds until it finally breaks. ”

“Keith Huff’s script is also commendable.”

Director Bill Devine’s staging is minimalist but insightful.

“The performances by the two actors are phenomenal…Both actors played their characters perfectly, complete with Chicago accents. Deorksen’s Irish cop is perfectly matched with Newham’s Italian one. Neither character is entirely loveable and yet the actors make it possible to sympathize with them and feel for them during their difficulties.”

“Seven Tyrants Theatre has done an impressive job with this production

Vancouver Observer:
Review by Lincoln Kaye
“Do take in this haunting production just for its superb writing and acting.

“Doerksen and Newham…stepping out from behind the scenes to take the stage themselves as performers for the first time in many a season”

“Well, they’re pitch perfect, if not letter perfect. They brilliantly catch the cadences of the squad car”

“With such an experienced, talented and limited cast, director Bill Devine – a 25-year veteran of Vancouver’s Sea Theatre company, now (by his own admission) “nearing retirement age” – was seasoned enough to mostly stand back and let his actors find their own way. Kurt Schindelka provides discreet, bluesy piano accompaniment from behind a black screen, stage left.”

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